Organised by PAT Model Coaching head honcho Tnas, MCR Fashionistas is a yearly event dedicated to bringing the work of regional fashion designers to a wider audience. Part of Manchester Fashion Week, this years’ event saw designers such as Dionne Da Costa take part with special guests including our own Lord Mayor – Abid Latif Chohan, Miss Manchesters 2018 – 2019 and supported by the Mustard Tree charity.

MCRF2019 Fashion Photography 5

By the time I arrived, things were already in full swing. This was an ideal time to catch a glimpse of some of the outfits before they’re showcased on the catwalk so, after a quick chat with Michelle – our ‘go to’ for the event – I dived backstage to get some behind the scenes shots and meet some of the designers, muas and other photographers involved.

With plenty of time before the show was due to start I spent some time shooting the latest party couture and candids.

As the show time gets closer, a couple of ‘togs are pulled away to the VIP room to live it up with the Lord Mayor and co so I took the opportunity to grab a premium spot in the photographer pit in front of the runway. Quick tip – get to the pit early to set up and, once you’re there, don’t move.

The runway was, of course, the key part of the afternoon and my finger was almost permanently pressed down on the shutter at this stage. In case I didn’t stress this enough before – don’t move! Competition for the best spots to shoot from is fierce and one wrong move can easily see you end up on the sidelines.

Nevertheless, as a fashion photographer, one of the most exciting things you can do is cover a runway. Not only are they one of the best places to network but the demands an event like this places on you will help you inject some versatility on your approach. Much like a wedding photographer, you’ll be wearing several different ‘hats’ during the day and while this can be grueling, the experience is very worthwhile.

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Richard Larson MCRF2019 Fashion Photography 3
Richard Larson MCRF2019 Fashion Photography 4